I am a Los Angeles based Professional Dominatrix with a penchant for telling stories.

Since 2021, Pro Domination and BDSM has been my wellspring, allowing me to play with storytelling as a kind of alchemy. I wield fiction, desire, and experiences, both personal and inherited, like the implements I hold in my hands.

Let my sharp wit and charm be the warm blade that slices you open, revealing all that forms who you think you are. From the fantasies you’ve discreetly hidden to the societal norms you’ve taken for granted—raw materials I use to construct whole worlds. With unshakeable calmness, precision, and grace, I will pull the strings in this mise-en-scène.

My approach to domination is largely informed by my background in art and writing. As an artist, I create narratives drawn from history, films, literature, and plays as well as my own experiences in order to delve into power dynamics, liminality, and the emotional, psychological states that are felt during moments of transformation. I continue to explore these themes through the scenes I craft with my submissives.

I seek subs who are self-reflective, open-minded, and respectful. Developing sustainable D/s relationships is of utmost importance to me; I have little interest in those who only wish to satisfy themselves. Kinksters of any race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and experience level are welcome. During our time together, I will lead you with care into those vulnerable yet expansive spaces that were always there, just welled up deep inside. So when all is said and done, you may leave with even more of yourself.†

Now listen carefully…

† I partially quote a 2022 interview with the writer, Ocean Vương.



Here are just a few of my various interests. If you do not see a particular kink or fetish listed here or as a hard limit, please inquire in your application. I am always excited for the opportunity to explore new kinks and to expand my skill set.

  • Body Worship (e.g., Armpit, Ass, Foot) 
  • Bondage / Restraints 
  • CBT 
  • Chastity Training / Key Holding 
  • Creative Roleplay & Worldbuilding 
  • Humiliation 
  • Impact Play & Corporal Punishment 
  • Objectification (i.e., Human Furniture) 
  • Sensation Play 
  • Sensory Deprivation & Overload 
  • Sissification / Gender Play 
  • Nipple Torture 
  • Tease & Denial 
  • Tickle Torture 


  • Activities involving minors 
  • Switching/Subbing 
  • Full Nudity 
  • Roman Showers 
  • Full Toilet 
  • Race Play, including the use of the word “slave”